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Plush Velvet Geometry Pillow
Geometric Shape Velvet Pillow
Geometric Shape Velvet Pillow
Blue Velvet Hexagon Pillow, Decorative Cushion
Light Blue Velvet Rectangle Pillow
Green Rectangle Velvet Shape Pillow
Pearl White Velvet Round Pillow
Pink Heart Shaped Velvet Pillow
Purple Triangle Shaped Velvet Pillow
Geometric Shape Velvet Pillows
Geometric Shape Pillow Size Chart

Plush Velvet Geometry Pillow

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Our velvet geometry shaped pillows adds fun to any furniture, perfect for sprucing up your bed, couch or accent chair. 

These glossy novelty shaped cushions introduces texture and color, adding vibrancy to the entire room.

Refer to the last image for pillow dimensions. 

Have fun mixing and matching!